Global Investment Bank Defends Reputation On Social Media Using Machine Learning SQL Database
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Mar 11, 2023

Global Investment Bank Defends Reputation On Social Media Using Machine Learning SQL Database

The Challenge

A global investment bank's marketing team was having problems with their marketing operations. Every day, they would receive harmful and negative comments on their social media content. A small percentage of comments are from real customers who have issues, but the majority are from non-customers with special interests and unknown accounts managed by bots. The marketing teams want to create more content and spend more money on advertisements, but the growing number of negative comments is holding them back. They understand that if these negative comments are not addressed quickly, they will damage their reputation and lose customers, but dealing with them all manually is overwhelming, and they need a better solution.

The Solution

To address this issue, marketing established a data integration between their social media accounts and the Superinsight ML Database, so that all comments are automatically ingested minute by minute. The marketing team creates a dashboard using their existing BI tools that performs a SQL query into the ML table where the comments are stored. The marketing team can now receive alert notifications on potential negative comments minute by minute thanks to this integration. When they have reviewed the alert and determined that action is required, they can take immediate action.

The Result

Following the implementation of this solution, the marketing team was able to reduce response time from days to minutes and increase response rate from 70% to 100%. With this challenge completed, the marketing team was able to focus on creating more content and offers, increasing engagements by 250 percent over the next few months.

Nelson Chu
CEO and Co-Founder

He has over 20 years of experience in enterprise software and data management. Prior to Superinsight, he was in Sony where he worked on building a digital asset management system that takes analog video and moved them to the cloud. He was also in Disney where he worked on numerous data product projects.

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